Thursday, April 7, 2011

Will this be on the test?

Sometimes I wonder how I'm doing messaging success to my students, so today I asked them, "Why is it important to do well in school? What do you think should be considered “doing well”? Is it just about grades or should some other things be included? If so- what?"

"Doing well in school is very important because it determines where your going to end up with life, like if your a slacker like most of the kids at this school your probably going end up with a job at like mc donalds or something, or not have a job at all. You have to do good in school so you can go to college and get a good job. I always thought that doing good in school meant getting good grades and stuff like that but you also have to have good people skills."

"It's important to always do good in school because it affects you in the future. So if you stop coming everyday, don't do your daily assignments, are always in trouble and just didn't do anything at all in school that will definitely be a problem in the future. You won't go to college and good jobs require you to have graduated from college but if you didn't you won't be able to get a good job, so if you don't have a job you don't have money, and when you don't have money how are you going to survive in the big world? Yes, your family can help you but they aren't always going to be there. So STAY IN SCHOOL! Somethings considered "doing well" in school is most definitely respect to others, joining extra curricular activities, and the main one staying in school. It is also keeping those grades up."

"It’s important to do well so you could go to a good college. So you could get a good job. Doing well should be considered about getting yourself good grades so you can go on the college and get a good job. Good grades are a part of school and it could be having fun because people always say high school is the best time your going to have before you become a grown up and have to get a job. So school is very important and is a part of your life you aren’t going to forget. It’s hard and all but you just need to stick to it and the fun times will come."

 "It is important to do good in school because if you behave and get good grades you are more likely to succeed. If you behave in all years of high school you know you have respect and you are responsible.I think doing well is like getting stuff done when asked,doing only things you are supposed to,respecting others,and getting good grades.I think doing well in school is more than just grades because you shouldn't just come to school and do work to get it over with.You should actually try to understand it.You should also listen well and show respect for yourself and others while still trying to get good grades. And that' s my definition of "doing well" in school."

A big thanks to everyone who commented on our last post. It was really awesome to get such great feedback. Some of the students are even working on responses to specific questions.

Thanks again, and as always if you have thoughts or questions- leave them in comments.


  1. Most of these comments about doing well in school are about how the rest of the world will judge you based on your school performance.

    But remember the most important person who is watching is YOU. Doing well in school lets you know that you can apply yourself and succeed. And that self-knowledge and confidence will take you a long, long way.

    School is like a sandbox for the rest of life. Yes, sometimes school isn't the best environment for learning, but sometimes you will have to work for a boss or with co-workers who also don't help you to do your best work. Learning how to work well in a less than ideal environment is a great life lesson!

  2. You are all is important to do well in school. Not only because of your future but, remember....your schooling is a privilege that a lot of kids in this world don't have. Never take your education for granted. You owe it to yourself and the people that pay for everything your school gives you...building, teachers ,books, computers....with their taxes, as their community did when THEY were in school. Your payment in return will be your success not only in school, but in your life as you contribute to the next generation of students.