Friday, April 8, 2011

When I grow up...

We know that as ninth graders we need to have hopes, dreams, and goals- so that when things get hard, we know why we're working so hard.  We set our eyes on the goal and then work towards it. This week I asked my students to tell me about some goals they had for themselves.

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up.  I’m not quite sure what kind yet though.  Becoming a doctor is “appealing” to me because I like finding the answer to a problem.  So I would probably like being the kind of doctor that tries to find cures for things like cancer.  But I don’t know what the name of that type of doctor is."

"My dreams are to grow up and be successful and get a good job. I would like to be a cop or work for the government. I want to become a successful man and have a good life. That appeals to me because I like the way cops work and the government gets a good pay for what they do. If it is protecting the president or just being a business man. I just like the they both do their jobs. I just want to live to be in a big shootout as a cop or in a shootout with president. I wouldn’t mind protecting other people for a living ."

"My dreams are to get A's and B's in school, keep up with my work, come to school everyday, go out for sports, and graduate high school. Then I plan on going to a beauty school that's in the state I'm living in so I can be close to my family. After that, I'm going to try to buy my own beauty shop and live a happy life. When I grow up I would like to fix people's hair and give makeovers. I would love to become a stylist with my own beauty shop, that's been my goal for the longest time now. I love to raise people's self-esteem and make them feel confident like nothing can take them down; Plus I love to fix hair and give makeovers!"

"Dreams that I have for myself are to become a demolition expert and blow up big buildings legally. I guess I would want to work in construction because I like to build stuff.I want to become the boss in any construction job because I can holler at people for random reasons and I won't even care if there doing it right. I'm pretty sure I want to do this stuff because my brothers and my dad expect a lot from me and they also work in construction jobs. My brothers think I can do it so I'm going to try."

So those are some of our goals! Please comment!

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