Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of the things we reflect on kind of a lot is how our past experiences have shaped who we are today. So I asked my students to tell me about one of their happiest childhood memories, here are some of their responses:

"One time when I was younger I think I was in the fourth grade or something, I went on a family trip with my dads side of the family to go swimming at a dam. My uncle Mike brought his inflatable boat with paddle things and my cousin Ryelee convinced me he knew how to paddle one of those boats so I should go with him way out there. I said yes and he started paddling us way out there where it was really deep, I didn't want to go too far so I said we should turn around and when we did he was paddling us in circles. The current was making us drift farther and my family was telling us to come back to shore and let me remind you, Ryelee and I were only in the fourth grade and we didn't know how to get back. I started yelling to my uncle and told him we were stuck. They were so far away they were the size of your thumb nail. I was really scared and my uncle comes to rescue us and paddles us safely back to shore. We all laughed about it and let me tell you NEVER AGAIN will I ever go on another one of those things with someone who doesn't know how to paddle a boat like that. (: But that memory was so special to me because it was with my dads side of the family and I hardly see them now and it was just an awesome, funny experience to share with your family."

"One of my childhood memories is when I rode the Bullet at Rosebud Fair for the first time with my brother. I remember him asking me to ride, but I was kind of scared because I was about 9 or 10. When it was our turn, I got in then he sat next to the door. Then the ride started and I closed my eyes for the whole ride, and he was telling me to open them while we were riding, but I didn't. After we got off I went back to my mom, and got some more tickets to ride the Starship 2000. I also remember when I rode the Zipper for the first time, and I rode that with my brother too. I kept my eyes open and I was laughing. That ride was really fun, and it's my favorite ride at the fair. Every year when it comes, I want to ride it with my brother, but he's not always down there because my mom won't let him go. Some boys are always trying to fight him, how stupid! But anyways, what makes these memories so special is because I tried something new with my brother, and I really love him. He's the only older brother I have around, and I like doing things with him like playing basketball, cruising, playing football, playing X-BOX games, listening to music, and just hanging out with him. He's the best older brother I have, and I always want him around."

"I think my happiest memory is when I went to Disneyland and sea world. It was when I 6 or 5 yrs old and we went down to San Diego to visit my aunt. And on our way there we stop at sea world. I remember seeing all types of different sea life and seeing things I have never seen before. The  best part of the sea world trip was get to see Shamu because he was the biggest animal I have ever seen. I remember getting splashes by him being dripping wet after the show. After sea world we were going to my aunt then on the way we seen Disney land so we went there. I remember that I could not ride any of the fun rides  because I was too small. All the rides I got to ride were boring little kids ones. But is was still pretty fun."

"When I was 8, my uncle took me and we went to see some horses I remember bringing some random guy with us. When we got there my uncle told the guy to catch the wildest one and then try to get on so he was going for a big horse and he ran by this small pony, then he got kicked in the stomach and went flying and me and my uncle busted out laughing and it was really funny because it was the smallest horse out there and it sent him flying.If I knew that a broken rib hurt that bad I wouldn't have laughed and plus I thought people don't get hurt in real life only in the movies.I was convinced that this was true until I was ten and tried to jump off my roof and I landed on my ankle and heard a snap and started screaming but I don't know why because I couldn't feel it anyway. So I now know people do get hurt in real life."

"My most favorite memory would have to be when my mom,my brothers and I all went up to the top of Harney Peak. It was special to me because it was my first time going up there. It is the highest point in the Black Hills, at the top of it is a fire lookout tower it looks like a castle.The whole trip up there was about 3 miles it took us about 2 hours to walk it because of all the paths and we stopped to look around. At the top it is so far up that you cant even see the roads or even people. The site of it is really cool and it is one experience that I will never forget."

"My favorite childhood memory would be when my family and I would always go out to a park and have a cookout. This is because we would all be together and we would be having fun not knowing that one day everything is going to go wrong. We lived in the moment, us kids well my cousins, my uncles and I would go swimming and then when the food was done we would go up from the river and eat. After that we would all go home and everyone that was over at the river before would come over and stay the night. this is one of my favorite memories."

So dear readers, what are some of your best childhood memories?  Comment!

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  1. I enjoyed reading all your experiences. Mine are not so exciting, as we mostly had to amuse ourselves.

    But when I was 11, I was fortunate enough to accompany my older sister to the NY Worlds Fair...on the last day of the fair. She bought me a doll from the Japanese pavilion...a baby doll, which I still have, although the clothes are deteriorating. There was an exhibit by General Electric where you could watch an animatronics show depicting the history and future of household appliances. AT &T also had an animated exhibit that showed the history of the telephone.

    I also went to the India pavilion where I got all kinds of booklets and information for a report I had to do for social studies (I got an A on the report). I wish there could be another Worlds really did give me a look into the culture of other countries.