Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have I ever told you, you're my hero?

 "I don’t really have a hero but if it had to be someone it would have to be my grandma and my mom and dad.It would be them because all of them because they all push my brothers and I to have good grades and to try our hardest.My grandma is mainly the one who pushes us all to have good grades and to be respectful.My mom and dad do that too,but they also help us out with sports.Like my mom helps us out with basketball and running and my dad helps us out with baseball and football.I think that my little brothers would say that they are their hero’s too because it is true and they would agree with me."

"My hero would have to be my grandparents. Why I chose my grandparents is because they’ve taken in all of their grandchildren when they were going through hard time with their two sons. Their sons were into alcohol, drugs, getting thrown in jail and stuff like that yet when I was in need of somewhere  to live they took my siblings and I in along with my aunties five children. Although we were all younger then I can still remember the stories my grandmother would tell us girls, with the boys my grandfather would play games with them. My two sisters and I were the only girls out of ten children. I admire they ways and traditions they taught us throughout the years we lived with them."

"My hero is my Mama Darla. She has always been there for me when i need her. But before i even met her, her thing was “~your hero~” like her texting signature and on bookface. Its true though she is my hero and pry always will be. I really look up to her cause she is really confident in who she is and has a lot of self respect and is just a nice person unless you don’t really know her and you get on her bad side really fast. Its cool though cause she is just a really happy laid back person. she don’t really stress over stupid stuff. She just does her own thing and doesn’t really care about all the damn drama and all the rumors that aren’t even true. When i’m down and having a bad day i can call her anytime. even if it is 3 or 4 in the morning and she will sit up and talk to me and make me feel better or make me tell her where i am and she will come get me and take me home with her. At her house i feel really comfortable like its my own. I don’t know she is just more of a mom to me then my real mom is or ever will be. I think that is why i look up to her so much. I lover her like she is really my family. its crazy how some people can connect so well."

"My hero would probably be my mother. She is always putting other people in front of herself. She is strong and yes she dose have flaws but thats what makes her who she is. She never gives up on herself or the ones closes to her. My mom is my hero for a lot of things and I love her the way she is."

" My hero’s would be Candace Parker, Maya Moore, Sue Bird, or Diana Taurasi. :)
They would be my hero’s because in my opinion they are some of the most talented basketball players of this time. I love the way, they all play! It seems like they were just born to play basketball. I love that about them.  All 4 of them play for the WNBA. Candace Parker plays for the LA Sparks, [ which is where I would want to play in the WNBA , if I ever get there.] Maya Moore just recently got drafted to the WNBA. She now plays for the Minnesota Lynx. Before she got drafted she was one of all time best woman’s college basketball player, she played for Connecticut. Sue Bird plays for the Seattle Storm, she is there PG [point guard]. I look up to her as a PG. Shes my all time favorite PG, she has a different feel for the game, different then any other PG I watched play. :) Diana Taurasi who plays for the Phoenix Mercury, is an amazing shooter! Has the most beautiful shot, I’ve ever seen. My shot will look like hers one day, I’m sure of it.
My parents are my ultimate hero’s ever. :) I wouldn’t be where I am today, with-out them, I love them dearly. They would do anything and everything for me, just to see me succeed. I would do anything for them because of that. Thank you Mom, and Dad."

"I have two hero’s, my mother and sister. I say my mother because she’s a strong women. She raised three kids all by herself with no help, she always had a job and was able to provide for us and no matter what always had a smile on her face and I respect her for that. I love how she’s so independent. She never gives up and whatever god hands her or puts her through she survives. My brother, sister, and I turned out great so I know she’s doing a good job. I love her with all my heart and NO ONE can replace her. Also she’s so beautiful, I’m going to be like her one day. My other hero is my sister because she also is a strong women. I have seen her go through a lot the past year and not once did she ever give up. I honestly do respect people who are very strong that’s why these two women, my mom and sister, are my hero’s. I like how my sister is just like my mother. No matter what god puts her through she goes through it keeping a smile on her face. I admire her because she’s a good role model to look up to. She takes care of my little brother and I all the time and one day I know I will be exactly like her and my mother."

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