Monday, April 18, 2011


We all know that we leave a legacy, whether we mean to or not. Today, I asked my kids what they wanted their legacy to be.

"I would want my legacy to be the poems and journals I wrote from when I was 14 all the way 'till I die. In Todd County I want my legacy to be my yearbook picture and what and how people thought of me. I don't want to be remembered as that 'emo', 'juggalette', or 'that one chick'. I would love to be that girl remembered for helping people and for being involved in school activities. In Mission, I want to be remembered as a good girl who's smart and nice. I don't want people to remember me by my past, like 'oh, she's that girl who tried to kill herself and got sent to a mental facility!' I'm sill trying to let go of that part in life, but I want to be remembered as something different. "

"I would want my legacy at Todd County to be good and not bad. It will be good because I wanna be know has that student that was good in class and got good grades. The legacy I want in Mission is that I was a good citizen and I help out the community. I wanna help out the community by cleaning it up and making it a good place to live. I wanna leave a good legacy in the world. The legacy I want to they in the world is a good person and a person that all ways did good. And I just want my legacy to be the same everywhere, a person that did good things and a person that is a good person."

"I don't think I would want a legacy anywhere in the world or in Mission or in school. I think this way because I don't like attention and it would make it really awkward if people seen me in public if I left a legacy behind me. I don't like to see people that didn't make it far in life congratulate me for something they wanted more than anything else in the world. Like winning at LNI when I took first place I was happy but there was way to many people talking to me at once when I got home which made me feel bad and kind of awkward. Sometimes people I seen after LNI made fun of me because everyone thinks wrestling is a shameful sport only because they can't accomplish as much as all wrestlers have to. They probably are just too scared to get made fun of and they probably aren't strong enough to admit they are weak."

"For my legacy, I want my legacy to be that I was an (almost) impeccable student. Also that I had good grades (I actually do) and I always tried my best at everything, like school work so I can graduate and go to college. I want to be known as a friendly person who was always respectful to teachers and other students, and helped people when they needed it. I want my legacy to be a great one so people can say that I was their best student (hopefully). I think I won't have a legacy in Mission because I don't live in Mission, and in the world, I think I won't have one for that either. I think the only legacy I'll have is one for Todd County High School."

"I don't really know what i want my legacy to be, probably something that i would want my children to pass down to theirs and so on and so forth. Another good legacy that would be awesome would be to leave behind something that would put me in the history books for a while, but to be honest i have no idea what it should be, or even what i want it to be. All i know is that i want people in the future to look back and recognize me or to look at a object that was once mine and remember me and tell stories about me the way we now a days tell about our Great Lakota leaders on the past and the Triumphs they did and the problems they faced and beat. Thats what one day i want my legacy to be."

Those are our legacies, we build them every day.



  1. My legacy is my children...raised differently than I was. They are independent, living lives that they want, happy and spreading some of that happiness to others. Its a small legacy, but most of us are not particularly ambitious or looking for laurels. It disgusts me when people donate money for the wing of a hospital or to a college....and has it named after them, and consider it part of their "legacy". You can't buy a legacy. If something like that was offered to me, I would reject it. I don't need notoriety to prove to me that I did something worthwhile. The fruits of such a donation should be enough for a philanthropist to feed upon. A legacy is more a personal thing than an advertised one. Something passed down....given with love. That is the greatest legacy.

  2. I think that the student who made the comment about wrestling and said, "They probably are just too scared to get made fun of and they probably aren't strong enough to admit they are weak" was very insightful. I think that is why so many high school students act the way that they do - because they are putting on a front to protect themselves from being made fun of. Thanks for posting. I really love everyone's comments!